Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adventures in Art

the FUNdamentals of Art  - LINES

Project Station: Letter Lines

Finger Painting on Canvas.  Today we played with Foam Paint and learned the about lines that makeup the first letter our name.  The texture of the foam paint is so fun to touch.  The best part is it's no-spills and dry so fast, almost on contact. Perfect for painting on canvas. Projects go home 10mins later.

Painting WITHOUT Brushes Station: Rolling Lines

At this station we cover balls with paint and rolled them around on paper to create crazy lines.  We explored different size balls and textured balls.  We also used Bio Paint for bright colors.


Collage, Play Dough, Sensory Station : Line Sculptures

What preschooler does not like Pipe Cleaners?  We learned to create different lines with FUN colored and Striped pipe cleaners.  Each child was giving a small square of recycled Styrofoam and took the crazy pipe cleaners lines and stuck them inside. They were also given kid scissors to create different lengths. This is a very easy and fun project that could keep the kids busy for hours. Older kids could make crazy animals or people sculptures.  Found the inspiration from this UK Blog


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