Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Rustic Backyard Wedding

In the fall of 2013 I had the opportunity to help a friend with the wedding of her dreams.  Here are a few of my pictures to remember the day.  There are tons of DIY ideas here. Enjoy!



Thursday, October 10, 2013


Ten Apples Up On Top 

It's fall time in Washington State and that means apples galore.  This week we made the these fun apple crafts.
  1. Stamping Apples: We created apple prints with real apples and added a sweet little apple poem called 10 apples.  Follow these steps:

    • Squirt some Red and Yellow paint (to create depth) in a tray
    • Cut an apple in half for stamping - Helpful Hint: cut the side of the apple so kids can easily grasp the apple
    • With a glue stick add 10 stems and 10 leaves
    • Glue poem on the paper 
  2. Happy Apples.  I created the apple template and the kids got to practice gluing and embellish it with a sharpie pen.     

  3. Torn Paper Apples.  The kids are learning about shapes so we took different shapes and torn them to create an apple that had been eaten.  Follow these steps:

    • Start with a Black sheet of paper and add a brown rectangle
    • Take a white square and rip the sides off - that will become the middle of the apple
    • Take a red circle and rip it in half.  glue one half at the top and one at the bottom.
    • Take a green square and rib a stem and leaf off
    • Use a black sharpie and add seeds.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


It's DUCKY Birthday Party

We rented the local swimming pool and attached party room for a Rubber Duck Birthday Party.  Here are a few of the details.  
  • Duck Pond Punch with ducks floating in it
  • Lucky Duck matching game with Water beads
  • Chuck a Duck Game
  • Play Duck Duck Goose
  • Duck piƱata
  • A dozen floating ducks for the swimming pool and take on gifts


Worm World, Worm World

Why do we need worms?  Here is a fun and dirty spring activity for the kids. Build a WORM WORLD.  All you need is Earthworms (ones you found, or night crawlers you bought at the store).  Place the worms in a wheel barrow with fresh dirt and shovels.  Also helpful, paper plates, magnify glasses and bug jars available for exploration. 
Want more?  
Try this experiment:  Can WORMS Smell?
Or build a Wormery - A Worm House

Here are 10 children's books all about WORMS  http://happybrownhouse.com/2013/08/27/10-books-about-worms/

Just Go With It

Fun with Paint

On summer day I set up a little painting station outside for the kids and a few friends with a roll of paper, paint brushes and paint.  I just told the kids to "just have fun and go for it".   They painted nicely for a few minutes and then decided to paint their feet, their hands, and next thing I know... clothes were off and they were painting their bodies.  Nothing but smiles and laugher.

Potatoe Potato - It's Race Time

Potato Car Races

on your marks... get set... go.....

Here is a fun and entertaining craft for a big group of kids. Create your own Potato Car and have a Race off.   I was asked to lead the "craft time" for a friend's child's birthday party... and this is what I came up with. Create your own Potato Cars and have a race off.  The kids had a BLAST making and races their cars.  And total cost... about 1$ - 2$ per car. 
Here is what you need for your Car:
  • A large potato - 1 per car
  • Wooden wheels (found at Michaels craft store) - 4 for each car 
  • Dry wall Nails - 4 for each car
  • Small craft beads - the wheels will not spin without it. - 4 for each car
  • Popsicle sticks = 1 for each car
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Paper plates 
What you need for the Race Track
  • Large piece of flexible white wood paneling
  • Black and White Paint 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Leaf Printing

Leaf Prints
Here is a basic but fun project to try with your little ones.  This is a great project for teaching about color, lines, shapes and textures.  And the results are so pretty and unique.  I found this project at http://kleas.typepad.com/kleas/2010/10/leaf-printing.html and http://rubsomedirtblog.com/2011/09/leaf-prints/
So here’s what you need:
  • leaves
  • paint
  • paper
  • art tray or cookie sheet
Here’s what you do.
  1. collect different shape leaves
  2. Pour some paint on the art tray and smear it all around
  3. Paint your leaf or lay it in the paint.  Be sure to paint the entire leaf so it is completely covered.
  4. Place the leaf on clean paper and place another sheet over the top of the leaf.  Press firmly on the paper.
  5. Pull off the top paper and slowly pull off the leaf to reveal the leaf print