Thursday, October 10, 2013


Ten Apples Up On Top 

It's fall time in Washington State and that means apples galore.  This week we made the these fun apple crafts.
  1. Stamping Apples: We created apple prints with real apples and added a sweet little apple poem called 10 apples.  Follow these steps:

    • Squirt some Red and Yellow paint (to create depth) in a tray
    • Cut an apple in half for stamping - Helpful Hint: cut the side of the apple so kids can easily grasp the apple
    • With a glue stick add 10 stems and 10 leaves
    • Glue poem on the paper 
  2. Happy Apples.  I created the apple template and the kids got to practice gluing and embellish it with a sharpie pen.     

  3. Torn Paper Apples.  The kids are learning about shapes so we took different shapes and torn them to create an apple that had been eaten.  Follow these steps:

    • Start with a Black sheet of paper and add a brown rectangle
    • Take a white square and rip the sides off - that will become the middle of the apple
    • Take a red circle and rip it in half.  glue one half at the top and one at the bottom.
    • Take a green square and rib a stem and leaf off
    • Use a black sharpie and add seeds.