Monday, September 23, 2013

Adventures in Art: Look What We Can Do With A Leaf

the FUNdamentals of Art  - LINES

Inspirational book: The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger

Project Station: LEAF Rubbing & Water Colors  

Preschooler and up can create very detailed leaf drawing by creating a leaf rub. 
Collect a variety of  leafs and lay the "rib side" up.  Place a sheet of paper over the top and using an oil pastes or color canyons rub over the top.  The leaf image should appear. Next, add water color and markers.  

Collage, Play Dough, Sensory Station : Line Sculptures

Create a King and Queen of fall with these fun leaf crowns.  Simply create a headband with construction paper and adjust the size to the head with a stale or two.  Collect fall colored leaves.  Next, fold and staple the leaves around the headband to create a smooth edge.  Finish with stapling a pipe cleaner with the child's initial. 


Painting WITHOUT Brushes Station: Fingerprint Tree

I created this template and added a little Fall Poem about leaves.   The kids press their thumb in a colored stamp pad and stamp it on the template to create an illusion of a fall tree.  Don't forget to add leaves on the ground and blowing about.  Optional - older kids can add animals or a self portrait playing in the leaves.

I’m a little leaf

Orange, yellow and red

Hanging in a tree

Happy as can be

When the wind blows

It spins me around

Whirling, twirling

Down to the ground


  1. Hi. I love your tree template! Is there any way that I can get a copy of it?