Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun Fishy School

Catch me if you can.  Create an ocean of fish and see how many your preschooler can catch with their fish pole.

    Supplies Needed

·        Paper - 1 per fish
·        Scissors
·        Water color, markers and or crayons
·        Wood dowel - 1 per fishing pole
·        Small magnets  - 1 per fishing pole
·        Duck Tape
·        String
·        Paper clip - 1 per fish


1. Create your fish.  Have your child draw a fish or other
 under water creatures.
2. Decorate your creatures.  Use paint, markers, crayons, water color.
2. Cut it out.  Have the kids use kid sissors and cut out the shapes
3.  Add paper clip. Punch a small hole and add paper clip to fish mouth.
4. Make fishing pole.  Take the Dowel and tie a string to it.  Ducktape it to make sure it stays in place.
5. Add small magnet to fishing pole.  Tie with string and add duck tape to make sure it stays in place.

Now you can Start Fishing...


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